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MunchieBox - iOS

Find 🔎 the hottest 🔥 food trucks 🚚 and menu items in the area 📍.

On one sunny day, I was on campus and noticed new food trucks in the court yard. I thought the food offered by these trucks on the previous day were creative and delicious. I wondered how many food trucks are in the area so as anyone would, the first place I turned to was Yelp and Google.

  • Date: March 2017
  • Website: Munchiebox.app
  • Category: iOS, Fullstack, RxSwift, Design Patterns, Concurrency, Refactoring
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01 - Kickoff

What problems are we solving? Who are we solving for?

The iOS platform is for customers to find nearby vendors easily and make a quick decision on where to eat next. The platform would need to deliver reliable and up-to-date information. Understanding key user behaviors is important for a seamless user experience.

02 - Research


From my research it was pretty clear that most of the food truck finder apps out there today are lacking great user experience and quality data. I saw an opportunity to focus on the user experience that was unique and efficient to find new vendors.



Users include college students, young professionals, and myself included.

03 - Requirements


Swift, RxSwift, Python, Mongodb.


- Intuitive user expereience
- Fun and engaging colors and user interface

04 - Ideation

05 - MVP

06 - Ship

07 - Analysis

UI/UX Challenges
- users couldn’t tell if they were selecting a vendor spot or a truck
- vendor/spots operational hours were not very clear
- users didn’t know what the fire was for and didn’t know they could press it to vote
- users wanted the ability to choose what category of food they wanted to see (exp. vegan)

-- users kept clicking on the menu items expecting more details (I’ll be adding menu features after this current iteration)